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Our New Home


However, we believe a church is not bricks and mortar, but the people who meet there and the change we really want to see is lives being lit up by the richness of God's love. We want to introduce people to Jesus and, if you already have a relationship with Him, we want to get together with you and talk about how we can learn together to be more like Him in our lives. We want to see lives changed, built up and developed.

Our new setting will allow us to do more and be more for you, our community, and for our God.

We invite you to join us and be a part of that.

We're really excited about what's happening in the Cambie Corridor and how the South Cambie area is developing. We are committed to being a community church – building up and supporting the neighbourhood; providing a space for people to meet, events for people to get involved in together and services that enrich the community life of the area.

In our new building, we are on the ground floor at the corner of 61st and Cambie, housed in a brand-new, beautifully designed space that forms a lovely setting in which to meet.

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