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We are a group of Christians who value fellowship together, times of praise and worship and digging deeper in the Bible to learn more about the great God who has gone to extraordinary lengths to be a part of your life.


The Church of God in Vancouver is part of a world-wide fellowship that reaches from the UK, Canada and USA into India, Myanmar, Nigeria, Malawi, Ghana, Jamaica, the Philippines and Australia.

In our fast-changing 21st century, the Churches of God "guard the good deposit" (2 Tim 1:14) by maintaining first century Bible convictions while aiming to keep pace with the pulse-beat of modern society.

The close inter-dependency of the Churches of God in a unique worldwide Fellowship is the realisation in practical terms of the recorded prayer of the Lord Jesus Christ for his followers: "that they may be one".

Find out more about the Churches of God here.


We are a culturally diverse group and we welcome everyone. It doesn't where you're coming from or where you find yourself right now; we want to support each other in getting where God wants us to be.

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