Our temporary home


So, you'll have figured out that we are no longer in the old hall on the corner of Cambie and 60th - it's no longer there. Soon we will be back in the same block, a little further down, on the corner of Cambie and 61st this time.

Of course, it will take a little time before we can take up our new spot in the lovely new building.  


So from Sept of this year we will be holding our regular meetings at the regular times at the PERETZ CENTRE on the corner of Ash and 45th, just south of Oakridge Mall. We are grateful to the Centre for Secular Jewish Culture for allowing us to use their facilities during this interim period, and we encourage you to come visit us while we're based there. We have an exciting programme of events and study courses to get involved in.


Visit our Come Along page for more info on when the meetings are held, and don't forget to check out the preview of our new space for fellowship and worship coming to Cambie and 61st.